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5-Fluoroorotic Acid

Molecular Formula: C5H3FN2O4
CAS NO.:703-95-7;

Description: 5-Fluoroorotic Acid (5-fluorouracil-6-carboxylic acid monohydrate; 5-FOA) is widely used in yeast molecular genetics. 5-FOA is toxic to yeast cells with a functioning URA3 gene encoding orotidine5'-monophosphate decarboxylase (OMP decarboxylase). 5-FOA is therefore especially useful for the selection and identification of mutant yeast strains. 5'-FOA's use in the yeast 2-hybrid system allows the construction of activation domain hybrid  libraries to identify protein-protein interactions .

Quality Control£ºPurity: >98% or > 99%(by HPLC).

Storage£ºStore at -20 ¡æ in the dark.





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