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Perfluoroalkyl iodide

Molecular formula£ºCF3CF2£¨CF2CF2)nI         n=4-10

Quality Index

Purity£º 98%min
C6F13I CAS£º355-43-1 0~4%
C8F17I CAS£º507-63-1 50.0~60.0%
C10F21I CAS£º423-62-1 26.0~32.0%
C12F25I CAS£º307-60-8 10.0~16.0%

The percentage of each component can be adjusted according to customers¡¯ requirements.

Melting point£º 40~60¡æ

Appearance£º waxy

Packing£º according to customers¡¯ requirements.

Application£ºIt is mainly used as the intermediate for Perfluoroalkylethyl Iodide.




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