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Perfluoroethyl iodide

Synonymous£ºPentafluoroethyl iodide£¬Pentafluoroethyliodide£¬Perfluoroethyl iodide£¬Iodopen- tafluoroethane£¬Pentafluroethyl iodide£¬pentafluoroiodoethane

CAS #£º354-64-3
UN NO.£º 1956
Hazard Class£º 2.2
Transport Catagry£º 3

Molecular formula£º C2F5I
Molecular weight£º 246

Self-ignition point £º 335¡æ
Boiling point£º 11-13¡æ
Density£º 2.16g/ml
Melting point£º -92¡æ
Appearance£º clear colorless liquid
Purity£º 99.5% min

Packing£ºtight closed cylinder£¬dark room

Application£º It is mainly used as the preliminary intermediate for Perfluoroalkyl Iodide, pharmaceutical intermediate and fluoride fine chemicals.




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