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          Organic Fluorides<<Water-and Oil-proof Fluorine-containing Paper-Treating Agent

Water-and Oil-proof Fluorine-containing Paper-Treating Agent


This product is anionic fluorine-containing resin aqueous emulsion,suitable to be used in all kinds of paper pulp.It can effectively prevent oil and water from penetratiingpaper.

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Light yellow-brown hydrous dispersion

Solid content %





Application:This fluorine-containing water-and oil-proof paper treating agent can be used in food (such as cake,moon-cake and oil-fried foods) package,sanitary meal box,paper dish for cooking in microwave oven;it can also be used as packing paper for machinery tools,precision instruments and parts,grease resistant packing paper for capacitors;as wall paper to save the coating of resins.

Dosage: About 1-2wt% based on 100% dry paper pulp.

Usage: Direct addition in the paper pulp or immersion.

Packing: Packed in 20 kg/plastic barrel,180 kg/metal drum.

Notices for storage and use:

  1. This product should be stored in the ventilated place indoors,avoid sunshine,store temperature is -5íŠ~40íŠ.
  2. Please pressurize the cover of the jar after use,keep off the evaporation of this product and the interfusion of other things.
  Avoid the solution splash in the eyes or contact with the skin,and avoid the inhalation of the   solutioní»s steam.


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