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          Organic Fluorides << Water-and oil-proof Fluorine-containing Textile Finishing Agent

Water-and oil-proof Fluorine-containing Textile Finishing Agent


This product is fluorine-containing resin emulsion,which is used as a water-and oil-proof finishing agent.It can provide many kinds of textiles,such as natural fibre,synthetic and mix-spin textile with excellent water-and oil-proofness.

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White liquid



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Weak cation


Dilute in cold water

Solid content %



Performance and characteristic:

  1. It can provide nylon, terylene and other synthetic fibre, cotton, linen and other natural fibre and mix-spin textile with lasting excellent water-and oil-proofness.
  2. Quite good washing resistant and dry cleaning resistant properties.
  3. Have little influence on the friction resistant and washing resistant.
  4. Have quite good compatibleness with other resin and accessory ingredient.
  5. Good performance in mechanical stability.
  6. Nonflamble danger,quality guarantee periodíŢ6 months.

Application amount(common cases):
Nylon fabric:10~30g/L    Dacron:10~30g/L
Cotton fabric:50~70g/L   Terylene/cotton fabric:20~40g/L

Usage: Slop padding rate:40~70%(depends on different materials)

Drying: 110~130íŠ,2 minutes     Baking:150~170íŠ, 2 minutes

Packing: This product is packed in 20 kg/plastic drum, 180 kg/metal drum.

Notice for storage and use:

  1. This product should be kept away from sunlight and stored in the ventilated place, the store temperature is ĘC5íŠ~40íŠ.
  2. Please pressurize the cover of the jar after use, keep off the evaporation of this product and the interfusion of other things.
   Avoid eye and skin contact,and avoid the inhalation of the solutioní»s steam.


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