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1Company Introduction

Fchemicals is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of various hi-tech fluorides, heterocyclic compounds, and chiral building blocks in China. Fchemicals is devoted to continual development of chemical technology, new materials, powerful reagents and raw chemicals. Supported by world-class chemists, Fchemicals can provide continuous and professional service and solutions in chemical synthesis, processing and manufacture.

Fchemicals is famous for its high quality, excellent sale service and strong R&D Capability. Fchemicals lays great emphasis on high-tech R&D, strict quality control and satisfactory customary service, with aims to build itself to a modern hi-technical company. Its young and experienced technician team is lead by doctors and masters under a modern management system.

Fchemicals can always offer high quality products, sincere and efficient service to you, especially fluoro-containing intermediates, heterocyclic compounds such as pyridine series, indole series, azetidine series, pyrrolidine series, piperidine series, piperazine series, pyrimidine series, tetrahydropyran series, aziridine series, as well as other special chemicals, fine chemicals and building blocks.

 "Customers are the God of Fchemicals", said the CEO of Fchemicals, "We promise we supply the best products and service to the customers all over the world."


Team: Fchemicalsí» R&D group includes 20-30 skillful and experienced chemists, led by four Ph. D.s from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry with overseas post doctorial experience in academy research and working experience in pharmaceutical companies.

Facilities: 300m2 laboratories with 20 working hoods; Pilot plant equipped with reactors ranging from 50 liters to 3000 liters, reaction temperature from -100íŠ to 300íŠ; 400 MHz NMR, Agilent HPLC and GC, LC-MS.


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